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I'm YOUR sex coach


I'm a board certified sex educator and have an established clinical and educational practice in Texas, where I guide clients and students through the ins-and-outs of sex.

I coach on wide variety of sex issues, but my passion is guiding clients through ethical non-monogamy.

I do both in-person sessions in my office and video-chat sessions. 


I teach body awareness, communication, boundary-setting, anatomy and sensual touch. Clients can learn to navigate sexual differences and explore new erotic possibilities with guided practice. You set the goals, we'll make it happen.


In our initial video chat, we'll discuss what you want to learn in our sessions, and I'll explain the various levels of instruction that I offer and the associated session fees: from fully-clothed to disrobed.

Session Fees

Initial Eval (video) Fully-clothed

10 mins: $20


25 mins: $75 - $125

50 mins: $150 - $250

(Price ranges: from fully clothed or one or both of us disrobed.)


25 mins: $75

50 mins: $150

Our First Session

Before accepting you as a new client, please complete the intake form. I will review your information, and if I think we're a good fit will contact you to arrange our first session which will be a 5-10 minute video chat to meet each other and discuss your desires and how to attain them. 



After we schedule a session, payment is to be made via Cash App prior to the start of our session.

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