I am a sex coach


I'm a certified sex educator and have an established clinical and educational practice in San Antonio, Texas, where I guide clients and students through the ins-and-outs of sex.

I coach a wide variety of clients, but my passion is guiding clients as they learn about ethical non-monogamy, and specifically swinging.

I do both in-person sessions in my office and video-chat sessions. There is no sexual contact between coach and client.

 Wing -Woman

My experience with a variety of sexual techniques will help you enhance your sexual repertoire and improve your engagements with your partner(s).

In addition to talking in our sessions, I can accompany you and your partner to the sex club so you can act out your passions. I can be your coach, guide and cheerleader; however, I won't join in your fun.

Education for Couples

I teach body awareness, communication, boundary-setting, anatomy and sensual touch. Couples can learn to navigate sexual differences and explore new erotic possibilities with guided practice. Love and fear, excitement and relaxation, arousal and happiness, reverence and bliss all have components that can be practiced, controlled and mastered.

Let's Engage

You set your goals, I make the rules, we create the plan.

It's time to take control while letting go. You won't know until you try.

In addition to individual sessions, we can set-up group retreats where I guide the group in various sensuality exercises. And when we're not in an education session, we can arrange social time and maybe even enjoy a GAME party!


Book Your Session

Email me if you can't find a session time that works for you, and I may be able to make special arrangements.

Before we meet for your first session, please complete an intake form.