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Intimate Edition

Hotel on the Strip

Las Vegas

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Afternoon 'till Late

Join Cousette for an afternoon of lounging in her poolside cabana, dinner at a posh restaurant, then an intimate, cocktail-party game where couples are invited to be sexually social. Come to any of these activities or all of them. No cost. Let Cousette spoil you!


THE GAME is Cousette's raison d'être and is designed for attractive and sexually-adventurous couples. The event is most exciting with guests who enjoy full-swap, meaning that they’re willing to have sex with others, but  is also enjoyable with those who are soft-swap.

It's never required or assumed that a guest will engage in sexual contact. Enthusiastic consent is always required, and changing one’s mind is always welcome.​

Social Guide

  • Know your own boundaries, respect those of others, and get permission before touching. Only yes means yes.
  • Drink responsibly. A little relaxed is OK; drunk is not.
  • No smoking, no drugs.
  • Be responsible for yourself and your partner. Condoms are provided. You're also welcome to bring your own.
  • Have a safe way home.
  • No photography without explicit permission.


Arrive on time, write your first name on a name tag, and mingle.


Cousette will ofter an orientation and ask each couple to introduce themselves and explain their boundaries and desires.


Cousette will start THE GAME.


Each couple receives a bag to hold their earned chips.


Two decks of cards are placed face down on the table: a deck of diamonds and a deck of clubs. (Decks of hearts and spades are reserved for the final round.) Diamonds are the tamest and are usually worth 1 chip. Clubs are usually worth 2 chips. (Hearts are usually worth 3 chips. Spades are extremely adventuresome and are worth at least 4 chips.)

Each player is assigned a number. Women are even numbers, men are odd numbers.


Round One

The first player selects a card from the top of either the diamonds or clubs decks, and unless instructed otherwise, reads it out-loud to the group. If he decides to play the card, he follows the instructions. If he decides to not play the card, he places it in the wild pile and then draws a second card from the top a deck. He can either play the second card or place it in the wild pile. The turn then passes to player number two.

Players can draw a card from the top of any available deck or play any card from the wild pile.

A player can draw a card before the previous player has finished his/her activity; this keeps the pace moving.

When a card is played from the wild pile, it is worth two additional chips for the player.

Once a card is played, it is moved to the discard pile and not used again.

As players look for someone to join them in an activity, they should see who may want an invitation rather than accepting the first person who volunteers. Everyone should feel invited to participate as much or as little as they’d like.

Playing continues

Round Two

Back in the residence, as the group desires, we'll add the more adventurous hearts and spades decks to continue the game.

Play continues for another couple of rounds or until activities evolve into a sensual orgy.


The couple with the most chips wins, and a prize is awarded. Guests are then welcome to resume their activities.


Guest List

Most attendees have a profile on, and they display their profile photos on the party's unofficial guest list on Kasidie (click here). It is highly suggested, but not required that ticketed guests have a profile on Kasidie. 
Because the number of spots is limited, once the official guest-list is full, you may request to be on the wait-list.
To be considered for an invitation, either RSVP to the event on or email me recent full-length photos (rated PG) and tell me about yourselves. If you receive an invitation, it will contain an access code to obtain tickets below. There is no cost to attend. Please do not divulge the access code to others.
The venue address will be revealed to guests on the day of the event. You do not need to bring a ticket to the event. You will be checked-in by your name.

Join Club Cousette on to receive advance notice of upcoming GAME events, then request consideration for attending the next GAME.

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