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Our plans

I, Cousette, am a licensed travel agent, and we have plans to explore the globe with lifestyle friends.

No, we're not creating another swinger travel agency. I don't want to run a travel business. But I do want to benefit those who travel with us.

We will soon be unveiling a private, invitation-only travel society. Contact us to learn more.

Hi, I'm Cousette

I and my husband are a sexually-open couple based in downtown San Antonio, Texas. We love hosting and traveling to attend to intimate events.


We enjoy intellectual foreplay with couples over dinner or drinks, so please feel free to reach out to us personally. (Yes, that's us in the photos.)

I have profiles on all the sites where you can see more of us. Click to see my profile on (Use referral code "Cousette" to get 90 days free.)
I'm also on SDC, SLS, Quiver, Reddit and Facebook. Just search for Cousette.
What we do

Soon after starting swinging, we discovered that we didn't know how to transition from conversation with a couple to having sex with them. We were wall-flowers at parties and sat in the corner at clubs. Were it not for some outgoing and generous people who guided us, we would not be in the lifestyle today.

We've never forgotten what it feels like to be nervous newbies, so we've used our experiences to create game events to help guests build a connection and fulfill their fantasies.    

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