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Saturday, September 25, 2021
(Recent Event)
Aria Hotel, Las Vegas


"It's been over a year since our last game, and this will be the only one in 2021, so I'm inviting my dearest friends and a few vetted guests to this weekend of sexual socializing. Join me at the Aria for dinner, an afternoon by the pool, and the play party. The experience will be limited to fifteen women and fifteen men. I am very much looking forward to socializing again" - Cousette

Friday, September 24th

7 pm: 

Saturday, September 25th

Noon to 4 pm: 

 8 pm: 




Friday, September 24, 2021 

7 pm

Join Cousette and friends for dinner at an upscale Aria restaurant. 


Pool Cabana Social

Saturday, September 25, 2021 

Noon to 4 pm

Relax with Cousette in a private mega-cabana at the hotel's  pool. Come and go at your leisure and enjoy an opportunity to socialize in a low-pressure environment.

Get to know us on a more personal level. Let's talk about the lifestyle and spend time just relaxing in anticipation of the evening's adventures.


The Game

Saturday, September 25, 2021 

8 pm



Upon arrival, guests put on name tags.

The women put on bracelets to hold the charms they will earn this evening. The men wear chains loaded with charms for the women to acquire.

Cousette reviews with rules with the guests and gives an orientation explaining how to play.



Cousette rings the bell to start the game. A woman may approach any man (other than her partner) to earn a charm from him. A man may approach any woman (other than his partner) to offer a charm to her. When an activity is performed, the charm is transferred from the man's chain onto the woman's bracelet. 

The women maintain control by determining what kind of engagement (if any) she wants. She decides if she is the "giver" or the "receiver". (For example, she decides if she gives or receives oral sex.) 


The game is divided into three rounds, The bell announces the starts and end of each round. During the first round, only the first-round charms can be awarded. During the second round, both second-round and first-round charms can be awarded. During the third round, all charms can be awarded.

1st Round charms

Hugging or conversation = snowflake charm, 1 point

Kissing = peace charm, 2 points

2nd Round charms

Groping = hand charm, 3 points

Licking nipples = star charm, 4 points

3rd Round​ charms

Oral sex = butterfly charm, 5 points

Sex = eagle charm, 6 points

It's not necessary to engage everyone, but the more people a player engages, the better they'll score. A player may only exchange one of each type of charm with the same player. If two women engage each other, they both earn charms from the other's partner.

​Two bonus charms will be available during the game: one starting in the second round worth 8 points, and another in the third round worth 9 points. Cousette will explain the time how to earn these special charms.



To conclude the game, each woman totals the value of her earned charms, and each man totals the value of his remaining charms. Prizes are awarded for first and second place women who have the highest score; a prize is also awarded for the highest scoring non-full-swap woman. Prizes are awarded for first and second place men who have the lowest score (from having given away their charms); a prize is also awarded for the lowest/best scoring non-full-swap man.


Women keep their bracelets and charms as a souvenir of their conquests.

After the prizes are awarded, guests are invited to continue enjoying the party.



Establish your boundaries, and accept those of your partner.

Get verbal, enthusiastic consent before touching and while advancing. (Read and agree to the Consent and Accountability Agreement.)

BYOB. Drink responsibly. A little relaxed is OK; drunk is not.

No smoking, no drugs.

Condoms are provided.

Have a safe way back to your home or hotel room.

No photography without permission.


Request an Invitation

To request an invitation, please answer the following questions. 
The selection process is unique for each event. Most applications do not receive a decision until closer to the event date. If your request is approved, you will receive an access code to get tickets.


If your request is accepted, you will be provided an access code to get tickets below or at this link. Please do not share codes with others.
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