Can I have a GAME party in my city?
Yes, if your city is large enough to have a mulitude of potential guests and venue options.
How many people can attend?
Some games are best suited for 20 people, and other versions work well for 50-80 people.  The limiting factor is the venue size and your potential guest list.
Where do we play?
The venue needs to be luxurious, big, and private. Large hotel suites, mansions, and sky villas are best.  Or, if you know a club owner who will allow a private party, that would work as long as they understand that we'll be having sex there.
What's expected of a host?
We'll work with you to select a venue and arrange set-up. You'll also help compile the guest list.

What about money?

There will be no cost to you, and you will attend for free. We will cover all costs. 


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