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GAME events allow couples to meet and play in a respectful and luxurious environment. Each event is a unique creation and is designed to socially sexual fun. We have hosted more than 30 games over more than a decade, some of which are described below.
THE GAME 2023: Back at the Aria, we had a beyond max capacity group for our now "standard" charm game the feels anything but standard. This was our 30th game party over the 13 years. So many of our long-time friends returned, plus friends for whom it was their first party, and many new people. It was just as wonderful as always.
THE GAME 2022: Our first party at Resorts World, the new, massive resort on the strip! The suite was beautiful, but it was most wonderful to see so many return guests, some we haven't seen for years, and it was a total, sex-filled blast! Literally! :) I was made to feel like a superstar by some ACTUAL superstar celebrity party hosts and influencers who took time to come to our little event. See ya'll next year!.
THE GAME 2021: We slipped this one in between surges and made it as safe as we could while still having fun. It was a much needed release from the events of the world over those past two years. It was even better than expected, and I got nicely fucked on the boardroom table and came more than a few times!
THE GAME: Casanova & Vixen were two different parties Friday night's "Casanova" event was a reversal of our traditional motif. This one had the men take the initiative. "Vixen" was our Saturday night party with our usual game-play of women keeping control of the evening's pace. Both parties ended with almost everyone naked and having lots of fun sex. Even the pool table got some action!
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.24.40
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.30.34
THE GAME: Weekend - Aria. It was a two-night event that sandwiched a pool party and happy hour. The first night was the charm game in the panoramic hospitality suite. As always, so much sex with so many great people! The Saturday afternoon social was at the Aria Sky Pool in a mega gazebo. For dinner, we had a lavish spread in the suite, which was followed by an all-new game we call Seduction, where couples mingle together and the permitted activities escalate in each round.
THE GAME: Platinum Edition - Bellagio. The charm version is always in demand, and we aim to please. Back in the Grand Lakeview Suite, we had a group of 56 very sexy people. For some, this was their 6th party, for others their first. Cousette spent time with the newbies, helping them fulfill new fantasies, but that didn't stop her from getting more full-on play-time with (many) more guys at this party than any previous party. This was a zero-drama night, and was absolutely perfect in every way. We want every night to be like this!


THE GAME: Aria was our first one at this new Las Vegas landmark. Vegas players are known for being partiers, and this group met all expectations. The Friday night party (d)evolved into an orgy faster than any previous game party, and that's exactly what we're going for. The group was small by design, but wow was it intense. The following night's room had an even more amazing panoramic view and was filled with all extremely attractive and experienced couples. Again, it wasn't long before the entire room was naked and going at it in full view of the city.
THE GAME: Casinò took place in the Bellagio Grand Lakeview suite in the format is now our personal favorite. A beautiful intimate setting where couples can have sex in one of the most luxurious settings in all of Vegas! With each event, new friendships are made and new couples are brought in to experience the best that the lifestyle has to offer.
THE GAME: Grand We enjoyed our last game in San Antonio so much that we decided to have this subsequent party in the exact same suite as last time. It was again filled to capacity. About half of the attendees has been to a previous GAME, half were new. In typical fashion, it ended with people having sex with one another who had never met each other before. One couple even had their first full-swap right there! Before the night was over, we announced our next party back in Vegas!
THE GAME: Privé was our second one in San Antonio and was in a luxurious hospitality suite at the Grand Hyatt hotel on the River Walk. We redesigned our small 20-person game to be simpler and perfectly paced. We had a few repeat players, (some of whom have been to eight games), but most were first-timers. The evening was incredible! Mrs. Cousette was well satisfied, and there wasn't a person in the room that she didn't want to do her! We made a lot of new friends, and we're excited to play with them again. There's very little that we want to change with this version, so we're all ready for the next event.

THE GAME: Encore was back in good-ol' Austin, Texas--the perfect house party! This was our first event where the guys had their decks of cards and awarded the women a card for "being kind." It was streamlined and straight to the point. Every bed in the house was well used that night. As always, a very hot group of guests filled the place to capacity. Where should we take the party next?

THE GAME: Platinum was another perfect party in the Trump Penthouse suite, but this time we kept the game going for two days! Just like every other party, it was awesome. Cousette had more sex with more guys this weekend than any party ever before! We could go on and on relating how wonderful this party was, but words don't describe how much fun it was. You'll have to look at the photos.

THE GAME: TEXXXAS was created so that we could bring the Xtreme game to our friends in Austin. Hosted at the Barton Creek Resort Villas, the house was packed with the hottest couples in the Lone Star State. It sounds like a broken record, but this too was the best party ever! The women could approach the men and other women to earn charms. It didn't take long before the beds were filled with naked bodies and moans of delight! Even after the scores were totaled and the prizes awarded, the party kept going until everyone was extremely satisfied over and over. We're not sure if we can top this one, but it won't stop us from trying.

THE GAME: Xtreme was, just like each of our events, the best game ever!  We had 30 of the hottest couples in Vegas in the penthouse suite at the Trump hotel where the women earned charms from the men by engaging them in a variety of sensual acts that ranged from fully-nude makeout, to oral sex, to full-on orgasmic sex!!  To keep the women from wearing out the men too quickly, Cousette wouldn't let the women earn the wildest charms until after about an hour.  Then she rang the bell and everyone went crazy and the suite turned into a non-stop orgy!  Even those who had been a little shy fed off the sexual energy of the room!  We thought that the card-based version was our favorite, but now we're convinced that the charm version is the best!

Wet Banner.jpg
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Evolved Banner e.jpg

THE GAME: San Antonio took place in the cattle-ranch inspired hospitality suite at La Mansion Hotel looking down on the famed Riverwalk.  We love hosting outside of Las Vegas just as much as we love the games in Sin City.  This game was a continuation of what has now become our classical version of THE GAME.  But that mean anything but boring--it's what for us is a near-perfect swinger experience, and because the guest list is never the same, each event is unique.  For almost everyone at this event, this was their first time at a Cousette party.  They start out a little quiet and shy, but by the time the night is over, everyone is getting in on the action!

THE GAME: Royale was back at a favorite locale - the Grand Lakeview Suite at the Bellagio.  We love this version for its intimate size and ability to get to know one another so well.  Many in this small group had been to a few of our games before, so everyone was very respectful of the newbies' boundaries and loved watching each other explore their sexuality.  But just like the other small-group games, it ended with everyone on the floor in the middle of the room having sex.  Such a classy orgy.  And surprise, the "virgin" won the grand prize!

THE GAME: Couples Oasis was another unique creation played for the first time at this established Las Vegas swinger club.  Because we'd had so many requests from people wanting to play a GAME, we needed a version and venue which could accommodate an unlimited guest list.  This sexual scavenger hunt sent couples around the club seeking out others to engage in activities on their game sheet which would earn them points.  Round one was a bit more tame, but when Cousette rang the bell for round two, that's when things got wild.  We'd never seen so many naked bodies on a pool table!  Prizes went to the couples with the most points.  The club owners said that they were just going to watch, but guess who ended up taking 3rd place.

THE GAME: Wild West was a return to one of our favorite versions where couples met in a top-floor resort suite in Austin, Texas, and took turns drawing cards which invited them to engage one another in fun and sexual ways.  For almost all of them, this was their first time attending a GAME event, and they were excited to learn what those in Vegas had already discovered.  Much like the other similar versions, this one met its goal--keeping score gradually became less important as the group ended up naked in the middle of the room in the greatest orgy scene that the GAME has ever experienced!  Eventually, we counted up the chips, awarded the prizes, and everyone went home a winner.

THE GAME: Venus Edition was created as another large-scale event which used bracelet charms as the score keeper.  Women were in complete control of this party. They earned charms by engaging the men and each other in almost any way they wanted.  It was perfect for newbies and those women who like being in command and teaching the guys to be patient.  We even had quite a few swinging celebrities at this event which was held in the penthouse suite at the Trump Hotel.  The women were excited to take home their charm bracelets as a souvenir of their conquests. 

THE GAME: Reloaded was designed as a return to the style of the original, but with activities which encouraged players to take it all-the-way.  Scoring of this game was with poker chips, and some of the cards were more intense than previous versions.  The two sessions of the reloaded version in the Bellagio Executive Hospitality suite were more progressive than the original and climaxed as desired with a room full of people having sex with whomever.  It was absolutely fantastic! 

Porn Party5.jpg
reloaded banner.jpg
Game Deluxe - Invitation Jan Banner.jpg
THE GAME: Deluxe Edition accommodated more than twice as many couples and was designed as a free-for-all scavenger-hunt mixer where couples engaged one another at their own pace.  This version had many decks of cards of various challenge levels for players.  It was delightfully exhilarating with many activities going on at the same time.  This deluxe version was hosted in the top-floor Bellagio Grand Lakeview suite looking out directly over the fountains.  The only critique of these first two versions was from ourselves: there wasn’t enough sex going on.  With the next game, that would be corrected.
Game Banner small jpg.JPG
THE GAME: Original was held in the opulent Lago suite at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.  Players took turns drawing cards which invited them to intimately engage one another. The following week, a few improvements were made to the pace, and the second iteration of the game at the Bellagio Penthouse suite showed that we'd hit on something unique.  We were then asked to expand the game to accommodate a larger group.
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