Sex Diary: The Beginning

We’re posting portions of our sex diary here. These events are not accurately dated, but we’ll post the entries in chronological order.

By way of basic background, we were raised by conservative Christian parents and were both virgins until marriage. Children came along and we moved around the country pursuing education and career advancements.  Eventually we settled down and had kids. 

For my husband's birthday, I gave him a book titled, "The Book of Vice".  It just looked like a funny cute book that talked about some of the things that “good people’ don't do.  There were no pictures and it seemed light-hearted. It seemed no different than the other odd books that I'd bought him in the past. He read the book, and learned all about what it meant to go to a strip club and why a guy would go and what the language meant.  It seemed exciting and not too wicked, so we quietly planned to a trip to Las Vegas. Before going, we looked up some of the strip clubs online and picked what we thought were a couple of the best. I think at the time, we were just playing around--doubting that we'd ever actually go in.  

We'd never done ANYTHING like this before; it was so out of character for us, but there we were a few weeks later, walking in to the Olympic Garden club at the north end of the Strip. We were both anxious and had no idea what to expect or do, so we faked it as best we could. That's where we saw first-hand what a lap-dance is, but prior to this, neither of us had had any experience. The place was a bit dark and seedy.  But we didn't have much to compare it to.  We sat in the soft chairs and had some expensive Diet Cokes.  We didn't stay long enough to learn what was happening in the curtained booths, but the date was interesting, light-hearted, and even a little bit laughable.  And surprisingly noisy.  But with the sexual charge in the room, we had a very memorable time back in the hotel room that night, just the two of us.

The next night, we decided to check out a different club, the Sapphire.  It appeared much newer and claimed to be the world's largest. My husband quickly fended off the young women who approached him and we let them know that he would not be receiving any lap-dances. I told them that I would be my husband’s entertainment. After getting a couple of standard lap dances, a very friendly, more experienced dancer took us by the hand and coaxed us into a VIP room for a private dance. Having no idea what that meant, but curious, we consented. Once in the more secluded environment, Hannah was much more intense than any dancer had been before. It included me getting my exposed clip rubbed by Hannah’s iced nipples. What was supposed to be a performance simply for my husband’s viewing pleasure, quickly turned into a very enjoyable and "fulfilling" experience for me. I was surprised by how hard I came and how many times. It was a highlight of the weekend. 

In the middle of all this, the manager paged overhead “There’s a yellow Corvette in the parking lot with its lights on.” (We went all-out with the rental.) My husband had to focus and run out before the battery died. When he returned, he was sad to see that Hannah and I were fully dressed and were talking about our kids.

Afterward, I smiled at my husband, took him by the hand, walked out of the club, then drove back to the hotel to another wonderful night.

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