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"These two are a super awesome and sexy couple. If you have a chance to meet them or attend one of their parties, don't pass it up." - LVfuncpl4u

"This couple goes out of their way to put on events that are incredibly fun for all levels of the lifestyle! It takes very genuine people like these two to pull off such nights-to-remember with all the work, and make it looks so easy. Thank you again for a great experience and look forward to your next event!" - Str8upLV

"Saturday was fantastic! The best Game EVER. If you have the chance to attend one in the future...DO IT! Many thanks to Cousette. We hope you had as much fun as we did." - Luv2plzuinVegas

"Amazing party, hot crowd, what a fantastic time! Thanks again for hosting such an amazing event, so much hard work went into it and it shows. The best party of the year!!!"  "This is one of the sexiest, most gracious couples we have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. We absolutely adore them and can't say enough good things. Thanks for putting on such amazing, fun parties, it's people like you who make the lifestyle so incredible!" -Scott and Nicoleta, Mr. and Mrs. Kasidie

"One of the most amazing couples you'll ever meet! She's elegant, ridiculously beautiful, and just makes you weak in the knees from a simple gaze from her. He's a true gentleman, debonair, and physically quite the eye candy. Both are great hosts and very approachable. Looking forward to future shenanigans!" -2WildBobCats


"If you are fortunate to obtain an invite to 'The Game'....Don't hesitate. It was the best lifestyle event we ever attended. ;)" -CoupleNextDoor

"Thank you SO much for the most amazing evening ever!  Could not have dreamed of a better first lifestyle party as a couple." -69Anytime

"What an amazing couple! We had an incredible time at THE GAME she is beautiful, kind and sexy and He is a very attractive and interesting gentleman, a real pleasure to meet you! We look forward to see you again!" -SexyDuoSA 

"Head still spinning from the fantastic craziness from The Game last night! Hope to get an invite again next time it's in Austin." -TandARed


Last night was absolutely awesome!! You guys throw the best parties ever. Can't wait to do it all again tonight!" -SinSationalTime


"It's impressive the lengths you go to make these events happen! You are truly generous and gracious and it is appreciated!" -Boris_N_Natasha


"Amazing people, great party, and an incredible and sexy host--Cousette thank you very much. The Game was awesome ;)" -Parejaloca745 ​


“For other couples that haven't tried it yet, here's our feedback.  At first, we were nervous about the concept, [but] the way The Game is set up allows for build up, then... venture into the unknown little by little... at your own pace. Because of the size of the event and the setting (huge penthouse suite), you don't feel pressure, so you can take a break, refill your drink, talk, laugh, peek around and dive back in! The energy in the room was amazing, we found refreshing the dynamics of The Game: …moving along, being more open to flirt  or play with people they might not have chosen for a more intimate setting, with the final results of having a lot of fun! This is one of the best parties we have ever been to.  And last but not least, Mrs. and Mr. Cousette were the ideal hosts: from the moment we signed up Cousette answered all our questions; they met us at the lobby to get us in the room, explained the rules of the game patiently, and even enjoyed the party with us. They provided a huge suite, great food, prizes, gifts for every couple, and even a staff to take care of us and make sure we feel comfortable!  If you have the chance to attend one of these parties, don't hesitate, you will love it!” -DxD

"Thank you for putting on such a wonderful party.  It exceeded all of our expectations. You are a wonderful host, and we cannot wait to attend another one of your parties." -MnJVegas

"Mr. & Mrs. Cousette are a beautiful, attractive & entertaining couple that we met at . . . the Game in Las Vegas. Mrs. C was gracious enough to allow us to come in late to the party and send someone down to meet us in the lobby. She is a very pretty lady with a bubbly personality and a great smile. Mr. C was a kind, handsome fellow and a great conversationalist, who made sure that we were taken care of and made sure that we felt in place once we got to the Game. The event that that they hold is definitely EPIC and unlike any event you'll go to." -ChocolateAndCaramel

"Mr. & Mrs. Cousette are a classy couple and excellent event hosts. We attended The Game Reloaded. It was a sexy, diverse group and there was something for everyone. The venue was outstanding. We look forward to the next time!" -SB69

"Our heads are still swimming from The Game this past Saturday. Thank you Cousette and all the amazing people. This was the way to host a party!" -Shooky


"Absolutely FANTASTIC party last night, you are awesome! It was an amazing party, thanks again for hosting this incredible event!" -Epicurean

"We couldn't have met a more incredible couple to introduce us to the lifestyle party scene. I am afraid you have spoiled us though because how could any party ever compare to Royale! One would have to experience a Cousette party to even begin to understand. In such a short period of time you have opened our eyes to the possibilities that await and we will be forever grateful!" -LoversnFriends

"You two, truly, go far and above for your events. Thanks for allowing us to attend. It was a blast." -FriskyBznz

"What an amazing couple! They are such welcoming hosts & watching them play was an absolute thrill. Hope to see you both again soon & for more 1:1 time!" -AustinFree7

"What amazingly generous hosts--and generous of spirit too! We're so fortunate and grateful to have met this delightful couple, and we look forward to more amazing fun!" -JetNShark

"Had a fantastic time at the game, and it was great getting to know you better. We're really looking forward to the next Game thank you for being such wonderful hosts." -CanuckTX

"Had a blast last night at THE GAME.  Cousette REALLY knows how to throw a Partay!!!!   Cousette, looks all sweet, but is a fireball in disguise." - Jon_N_Raquel

"You two are amazing hosts and have created a wonderful Game! Thanks again - it was so much fun!" -ColetteATX

"Thank you both SOOOO much! Last night was a great time, and lots of fun. We are both very grateful for you for allowing us to attend, and for your wonderful hospitality. You certainly organized a wonderful event, and we look forward to the next one." -BlackVulcan

"Well planned, hot crowd, good times...Gr8 party," -Speakeasy

"Cousette's GAME is the best party ever!!!  Awesome party; awesome host! Thanks for a great evening!  . . . .  If anyone is having second thoughts about Cousette's GAME, all we have to say is, 'are you crazy?'   The suite was unbelievable and you had a great mix of people there!" - Businesswest

"That was the first event that I have attended in my years in the lifestyle where someone didn't try to pressure or manipulate boundaries." -FriskyBznz

"A great time: fun, hot and sexy.  Would recommend you attend anytime that you see an invitation." -DarkPeace

"By far the best party of the year.  Can't wait to do it again. We are still trying to get the smile off of our faces. What a night!! Cousette has won the best party in Vegas this year. If you were not there you missed out." - Neoandtrinity

"We had a blast. Thanks Again!!!!" - Carjas

"You guys are amazing and definitely know how to throw a party...we are hooked!!!" -LoversnFriends

"We had so much fun at your event.  She's wearing her bracelet and smiling every time she looks at it." -Genalebi

"Had a great game.  To Mrs. and Mr. Cousette and all those that were there, thank you sooooooo much!!!!! We had a great time and look foward to another one soon." -FriskyBznz

"Thank you for everything; you were a great host. . . .  You had everything set up sooo perfect and the room was awesome!" -Devious2010"

"Fantastic freaking night at The Game! Had a blast, can't wait for the next one!" -CanuckTX

"Your parties are hands-down the most organized and well run parties we've experienced." -WillametteCouple

"What an amazing couple these two are!  Warm and Funny, thank you for a most memorable evening!  We can't wait to get together again! . . . . You guys throw a mean party! Hope to come to future ones!" -WNBAtx

"Two of the nicest people we've met in the lifestyle!  We had an opportunity to attend one of their special events here in Las Vegas...WOW! These two are amazing hosts and really great people! We hope we get another chance to see you guys again in the future!" -  FunCoupleLV

"Had a great time playing THE GAME last night. Big thanks to Cousette for being an awesome host. Definitely went above and beyond our expectations. . . . If you have a chance to play, definitely do it. This is one special woman. She holds great parties and makes you feel at home. She is a must-have at any party!" - Vegascpl5

"Last night was fun. We had never been to a lifestyle party before, and everyone was very welcoming and cool. Thank you!" -BadTiming


"Kudos for taking the time and effort of hosting one of the best parties we have attended. The guests were very sexy. The Game made it effortless to meet everyone. We will always treasure the memories. Hugs ;)" -CoupleNextDoor 


"We wanted to personally thank you two for such an amazing time at The Game here in Las Vegas. We were a last minute addition and didn't know what to expect, but wow, did we luck out! We were so impressed with the entire night. We LOVED our gift bag and that night ranks as one the best time we've had" -73scorpios12

"Thanks again for the party last nite. We had a great time. You did a fab job!" -VelvetRope

"The Game was DEFINITELY Reloaded last night!" -Businesswest

"We cannot say thank you enough for your work and fantastic party. The coolest, most wonderful experience that that you will have in the lifestyle. We cannot say thank you and kudos enough to Cousette!" - Rapacious1


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