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Sample Cards


Ask a non-partner about their favorite place to be kissed. Kiss there for thirty seconds.


Ask a non-partner about their favorite place to be massaged. Massage it for one minute.


Pick a non-partner, and sensually run your fingers through their hair for thirty seconds.


Whisper to a non-partner in hot, graphic detail how you would like them to enjoy your partner.


Pick a girl who is soft-swap only, and whisper into her ear what you would like to do to her.


Tell about your first threesome experience.


Have you ever had sex at work? Tell the group about it.


Suck on two non-partners’ nipples.


Use a sex toy on your partner in full view of the group for at least thirty seconds.


Take off a non-partner’s bra with one hand.


Undress down to your undies, then passionately kiss two non-partners.


Pick a non-partner and while maintaining eye contact, lick the inside of their thighs.


Flip a coin. Heads: remove your top. Tails: invite a non-partner to remove their top.


Get with a non-partner, and show everyone what a really wet sloppy blow-job looks like.

Pick two hot, naked women to engage in a vigorous make-out session that ends with some oral sex. (If you’re a girl, you can be one of the players.)

Do 69 with the woman to your right for one minute. Or any woman who volunteers.

Very slowly and seductively make out with a non-parter for two minutes. Make them tell you how you want it.

Chose two non-partners who will join you in getting naked fro the waist down and engaging in an oral triangle for at least thirty seconds.

Close your eyes and receive oral sex rom three people. Guess your partner to get the points.


Even more adventurous!

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