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Consent and Accountability Agreement

The intent of this document is to establish a shared agreement of consent among those at the event. The intent is also to produce structure, build trust, enhance safety, and allow for accountability.
Consent is means giving clear permission for something to happen or agreeing to do something. This means communication, agreement, then action--in that order.
  • Everyone involved must be informed and agree to the action.
  • Give and receive explicit consent for each aspect of the interaction.
  • Consenting to one action does not indicate consent to subsequent actions.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time, even after the activity has started.
  • Current consent does not imply future consent.
  • Consider proactively expressing your boundaries as part of establishing consent with others, and share how you might respond if a boundary is near or being crossed.
  • Disclose your level of intoxication and carefully consider someone else’s level of sobriety when establishing consent with them. If they are intoxicated, consent can not be established.
  • Do not base your consent practices by observing others who may have pre-negotiated consent with each other.
  • If you sense a person is uncomfortable, stop, check-in, and re-establish consent; stop entirely if you’re unable to clearly re-establish consent.
I agree to the following framework and understand that consent violations will result in me being held accountable in the community, which may include:
  • Feedback or coaching with the intent of helping me be a better community participant.
  • Being asked to leave the event, up to and including being temporarily or permanently banned from future events.
  • Participating in mediation as agreed upon by all involved parties.
  • Allowing event organizers to share any information about the incident and involved parties with other organizers or community members, however they decide is best, in order to help prevent future issues, without any claim by me to being libeled, slandered, or defamed.
  • Event organizers cooperating with law enforcement with the investigation of any allegations of sexual assault and other severe consent violations.
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