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Social Guide

Know your own boundaries, respect those of others, and get permission before touching. Only yes means yes.
Drink responsibly. A little relaxed is OK, drunk is not.
No smoking, no drugs.
Be responsible for yourself and your partner. Condoms are provided.
Have a safe way back to your home or hotel room.
No photography without permission.

Las Vegas

Friday & Saturday

October 12 & 13, 2018


Cousette is designing a series of new experiences for this weekend where couples and single women can experience sexual sociality.


A variety of events will occur over this weekend. Guests can attend them all or join à la carte.


Tickets and schedule will be available this summer.


To be considered for an invitation, contact me through my  profile on or email me recent full-length photos (rated-G), and tell me about yourself. The invitation process is unique to this event.


Events are created for adventurous couples and single women to experience sexual sociality.

It's never required or assumed that guests will engage in sexual contact. Enthusiastic consent is always required.

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