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Las Vegas


"This is a one-of-a-kind event of intimate socializing that allows couples and single-women to sexually explore and engage." - Cousette


Playing the Game



  • Establish your boundaries, and accept those of your partner.
  • Get verbal, enthusiastic consent before touching and while advancing. (Read and agree to the Consent and Accountability Agreement.)
  • BYOB. Drink responsibly. A little relaxed is OK, drunk is not.
  • No smoking, no drugs.
  • Condoms are provided.
  • No photography without permission.


Upon arrival, guests put on name tags.

The women put on bracelets to hold the charms they will earn this evening. The men wear chains loaded with charms for the women to acquire.

Cousette reviews with rules with the guests and gives an orientation explaining how to play.



Cousette rings the bell to start the game. A woman may approach any man (other than her partner) to earn a charm from him. A man may approach any woman (other than his partner) to offer a charm to her. When an activity is performed, the charm is transferred from the man's chain onto the woman's bracelet. 

The women maintain control by determining what kind of engagement (if any) she wants. She decides if she is the "giver" or the "receiver". (For example, she decides if she gives or receives oral sex.) 


The game is divided into three rounds, The bell announces the starts and end of each round. During the first round, only the first-round charms can be awarded. During the second round, both second-round and first-round charms can be awarded. During the third round, all charms can be awarded.

1st Round charms

Hugging or conversation = crown charm, 1 point

Kissing = snowflake charm, 2 points

2nd Round charms

Groping = hand charm, 3 points

Licking nipples = star charm, 4 points

3rd Round​ charms

Oral sex = butterfly charm, 5 points

Sex = eagle charm, 6 points

It's not necessary to engage everyone, but the more people a woman engages, the higher she'll score. A woman may only receive one of each type of charm from the same man. If two women engage each other, they both earn charms from the other's partner.

​Two bonus charms will be available during the game: one starting in the second round worth 8 points, and another in the third round worth 9 points. Cousette will explain at that time how to earn these special charms.



To conclude the game, each woman totals the value of her earned charms. Prizes are awarded for first and second place women who have the highest score; a prize is also awarded for the highest scoring non-full-swap woman. 


Women keep their bracelets and charms as a souvenir of their conquests.

After the prizes are awarded, guests are invited to continue enjoying the party.


Guest List

Because the game is unlike any other party, curating the guest list is a critical aspect of the preparations and requires our utmost attention.

"Is everyone good looking?"

Appearance and comportment are relevant considerations for admission, but they aren't the only ones. What is vital is a willingness to engage: offer a friendly conversation or a warm touch. While there's no such thing as being too beautiful to attend, we have declined to offer invitations to gorgeous people who aren't otherwise a good fit.

"I'm too shy!"

One needn't be extroverted to attend. In fact, some who most enjoy these parties are the people who were the most nervous getting in the elevator. We designed the game for them, because we were them.

"Who gets approved to attend?"

Once our core group has RSVP'd and we receive requests for invitations, we often wait to decide until we have a good feel for the general tenor of the group. We then approve guests, keeping within a standard deviation of the mean.

"Can you fit us in?"

Unlike most parties, the game has a maximum capacity that is is pre-set by the number of chains and bracelets. If you have a ticket and confirm your attendance, you are guaranteed a spot. Occasionally we have last-minute cancellations, so it's possible that a spot will open nearer the date of the event.

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