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Welcome to the high-intensity, erotic game where women are in control, and where couples are invited to be sexually social.

Social Guide

Know your own boundaries, respect those of others, and get permission before touching. Only yes means yes.
BYOB. Stay sharp and sober. A little relaxed is OK; buzzed and drunk are not.
No smoking, no drugs.
Be responsible for yourself and your partner. Condoms are provided. You're also welcome to bring your own.
Have a safe way home.
No photography without permission.




The game is designed for attractive and sexually-adventurous couples. The party is most exciting with players who enjoy full-swap, meaning that they’re willing to have sex with others, but the evening is also enjoyable with players who are soft-swap.

Prior to the evening, players should read how to play and be ready to participate. It's never required or assumed that a player will have sexual contact. Men should wait for women to engage them. Consent is always required, and changing one’s mind is always welcome.

Refreshments and mixers provided.




Arrive early, write your first name and profile name on a name tag, and mingle. Each woman will put on an empty bracelet, and each gentleman will put on a chain loaded with charms. After the orientation and introductions, Cousette will ring the bell to start THE GAME.



A woman may engage any man (other than her partner) to obtain a charm.  It is not required that a woman engage every player; but the more men she engages, the more charms she will earn.  


She decides if she is the "giver" or the "receiver". For example, she decides if she gives or receives a hand-job.


The game is divided into three rounds, and the bell announces the end of each round. During the first round, only the Peace and Snowflake charms can be awarded. During the second round, the Star, Hand, and Butterfly charms can also be earned. During the third round, all the charms can be awarded including the Eagle and Dragon charms.


Bonus charms are awarded from the hostess table during each round. The associated activity will be announced prior to each round. The number of bonus charms is limited, so earn yours before they're gone! 

  • 1st Round

    • Peace sign = hug or kiss (1 point).

    • Snowflake = make-out with groping (1 point).

  • 2nd Round

    • Star = lick nipples (2 points).

    • Hand = hand-job / fingering (3 points).

    • Butterfly = oral sex (4 points).

  • 3rd Round

    • Eagle = sex (5 points).

    • Dragon = threesome naked sex (6 points).

  • 1st Round Bonus Charm: Crown (5 points), limit 2 per woman.

  • 2nd Round Bonus Charm: Feather (12 points), limit 1 per woman.

  • 3rd Round Bonus Charm: Fleur de Lis (10 points), limit 2 per woman.

A woman may engage a man multiple times to earn different types of charms, but she can only earn one of each type of charm from each man. To earn additional identical charms, she must play with a different gentleman.


At the end of the game, each woman totals the value of her earned charms. Prizes are awarded for 1st and 2nd place. A prize will also be awarded to the highest scoring non-full-swap woman. Women keep the bracelets and charms as a souvenir of their conquests.

After the prizes are awarded, guests are welcome to resume their activities.


Guest List

Most attendees have a profile on, and they display their profile photos on the party's unofficial guest list on Kasidie (click here). It's not required that ticketed guests be on Kasidie nor that they RSVP to the Kasidie guest list. The Kasidie guest list is simply a way to see who else is attending. 
Because the number of spots is limited, once the official guest-list is full, you may request to be on the wait-list.
To be considered for an invitation, either RSVP to the event on or email me recent full-length photos (rated PG) and tell me about yourselves. If you receive an invitation, it will contain an access code to obtain tickets below. Please do not divulge the access code to others.
The hotel suite number will be revealed to guests on the day of the event. You do not need to bring a ticket to the event. You will be checked-in by your name.
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